Staying safe and protecting information online

The prevalence of the internet these days means that there may well be more of people’s personal information in view to others than they are comfortable with. Here’s a brief look at how to help prevent personal information falling into the wrong hands – whether bank details or embarrassing photos from the last Christmas office party…

Social Media

The more a person puts online the more will be open to misuse were it to fall into the wrong hands. Trusted anti-virus software company McAfee astutely reminds readers that the Internet is permanent; it must therefore be assumed that what is put online will stay there forever. Further useful advice is here:

Hold large companies to account

Taking responsibility is surely a way to achieve control over one’s personal information. It cannot be assumed that companies’ security arrangements are as robust as they say – see for a story on one company’s $100,000 fine for misleading the public on data security. Challenge companies; check their privacy statements and ensure they stand up to scrutiny.

Take personal responsibility

As well as holding others to account, individuals should ensure their own security arrangements are robust. Security software is in abundance and there is no excuse. None! See for a current review of the latest software.

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